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Test of Prototypes

We finally tested the Triangle foil during both wakeboarding and kitesurfing. It held up nicely (do not see a screatch) and gave desired lift for the user. The bad: The coat for the wings was not good enough and they started to bulge slightly as water penetrated the plywood. 

We are currently working on a lighter (1lb) Triangle prototype that will feature 3D printed wings.  

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Improved Complete Prototype

The Triangle is starting to take shape. The black paint makes it look good as well. We tried the foil in the local pool and it seems to give enough lift to be used with wakeboarding/kitesurfing. The next step is to get it out in the water. The other foil (aluminum mast) looks promising too, and it is soon ready for live tests. 

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Testing Design

We came up with a new design that we call the Triangle. It looks a little odd right now, but with some iterations this might work. Currently building and iterating the first designs of it. We finally got an aluminum extrusion ordered, and talking to companies throughout the world for a larger order. We also just received our first 3D printed full-size wings. 
There will be a lot happening in the next couple of month. 


Wodden Triangle
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SweFoil is officially a business, and we are looking forward to bring you affordable hydrofoils soon. The fuselage have been redesigned with a better attachment (3D printed) for the mast. 

We also have another hydrofoil concept we are working on. 

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First Test in Water

Tried the acrylic plastic prototype in the water for the first time. Unfortunately the mast could not withstand the pressure and was bent. I believe the fuselage was slightly misaligned and created unnecessary tension on the mast. The fuselage attachment was too weak as well and broke. Need better material selection?

Time to get back to the drawing board.  

Screenshot (2)
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Acrylic Plastic Prototype

Create a new prototype in acrylic plastic. It looks good, but the question is if it is strong enough? The mast and wings have been reinforced with steel bars to add strength. The plywood version has been covered in fiberglass, which added a lot of strength (could not break it). It was very time consuming though and I do not want myself or my future customers (you?) to have to do that. 

Want to try another material. 

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First Full Size Prototype

Kept designing different versions, with different strengths/weaknesses, in SolidWorks. Tried various production-techniques and ended up with laser-cutting 1/4 inch thick mast-pieces that were then stacked on top of each other. Same theory, with different shapes for the wings. 

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During a fabrication and design class at Notre Dame, we started designing solutions to current pain-points in the market. The founder of SweFoil is an avid watersport athlete and have been frustrated about the inaccessibility of hydrofoils for those without $1000+ to spare. We started designing various CAD models and realized that we can probably provide a more durable hydrofoil for a cheaper price than what is available today. 

Let the challenge begin!