Ultimately, the techniques and products developed by SweFoil will hopefully be used to promote sustainable vessels. There are a lot of different plans for SweFoil in the pipeline and developing affordable hydrofoils is just the beginning. Once you become a customer of SweFoil, you will always be our customer and we will treat you with the loyalty and respect you deserve.



  1. Lower the boundaries for hydrofoiling
  2. Promote sustainable practices and propulsion techniques 
  3. Have a SweFoil in the Olympics or World Tour
  4. Set a World Record with SweFoil Products

“I am really looking forward to the day I come to the beach and there are SweFoils out there. If any of my long-term goals are achieved, it will be because of these customers. For all those that purchased a SweFoil product, the first beer is on me”

– SweFoil Founder, Nicklas Wihlborg