SweFoil was started to make the sport of hydrofoiling more accessible to everyone. Whether you are have a solid income and established life, or just starting out with limited funds, SweFoil will be there for you!


Affordable hydrofoils is just the start of the SweFoil journey. There are multiple projects in the pipeline that will build upon SweFoil’s previous products. One day we hope to make an impact and contribute to more sustainable marine vessels.  

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The project started when the founder of SweFoil wasn’t able to get hold of a hydrofoil. Watersport athletes are some of the most caring/generous people on the planet, but due to the outrageous price + fragility of hydrofoils, few people are willing to share theirs. Hopefully, SweFoil can have an impact and bring back the love to the beach!


SweFoil has tried a plethora of various manufacturing techniques to find the perfect solution. More iterations are to be expected, but each prototype gets better and better. We get inspiration from other artists in the area and innovate based on their shared knowledge. 

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